Policies / Discclosures

Policies and Disclosures

First, thank you so much for visiting - whether you are new here, an occasional reader, or a faithful everyday visitor.  Thank you, too, for coming to read this page. I'm glad you're here.


I use a mail service to deliver my posts to email subscribers. If you sign up for emails, I will have access to your email address. I will never email you anything other than the posts that you signed up for, and will never sell, share, give, or use your email address in any other way.


I occasionally publish sponsored/partner posts for which I get paid. There are also affiliate links on this blog. Please assume I make a commission on anything you buy after clicking any of the links from this blog.  If you are interested in sponsorship (paid posts or sidebar advertising), please email me here. Please only contact me if you agree that the content will be disclosed as sponsored or paid, as required by the FCC. I will never honor requests to keep the fee arrangement from my readers.

Affiliate Links

There are affiliate links on this blog. I may make a commission when you click a  link from this blog and then go on to purchase sometime within a certain timeframe (it varies by store).